learning and need some guidance

Few days ago, i was quite busy, working day and night, then hang out with friends (important for my social skills). Even my sleep wasn't really a sleep,more like a nap. However,yesterday i got my day, nothing to do after watching the Thomas Cup semi-final, Malaysia lost anyway,but trust me, they try as hard as they could, they should not be blamed. Congrats for them.

After the live telecast, i was in my room, looking at my old photo collection, most of them being captured by using a compact camera. Some of it are just a scenery pictures that i took because at that time,for me,it were beautiful views. Then i remembered syukran, my friend, who really into this kind of thing ( he got great camera, envy him). But it is not the camera, it is about editing...

So i open those pictures with my adobe photoshop ver. 7.0 and tried to edit it...

 first picture is the edited version and below it is the original photo....

The original copy,,~

then after editing process...

and the last one..

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  1. shukjessa says:
    May 14, 2010 at 9:19 PM

    hahaha 1st of all thanx.

    actually I did mention about great pictures not solely by the camera. But of coz the greater your gadgets are, the less hassle you will encounter. By the way mine is not so great, compared me to Farid's, he's got better performance camera (trust me if you have tried both the C and N one).

    In photography, there are certain rules to follow and certain rules to break. Some need information on setting your camera the right way to capture great pictures even with compact.

    and if you are more in editing, likely ur into photographic. See the difference? Photography and photographic.

    Photography only for those who likes the natural look of pictures they taken. They edit less or none.

    Photographic, a combination of Photo and Graphic combines two elements to make a more stunning and out of box images.

    For me, I dun care much when people talk about ur style of editing as long the picture looks great, the compo, the angle, the sharpness, the mood, the story, it became a nice picture in the end.

  2. PenUltimate says:
    May 26, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    tq man...i do a little behind on this gadget things and stuffs,ask me bout latest camera or even a model,i'm pretty sure i will screw it cause of lack of experience and of course, knowledge..tq for the lesson, aku try improve jadi yg TERBAEK!!!

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